Tim Sales Network Marketing Training Tools on Sale

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Tim Sales Moving Sale of Network Marketing Training Tools


Perhaps you would be interested in knowing that Tim Sales is offering deep discounts, up to 50% off, on several of his products. I really respect Tim for the way he has worked to help folks like me become successful in Network Marketing. And, I have used and purchased a number of his Network Marketing training tools, including Brilliant Communicator, Professional Inviter, Brilliant Compensation DVD’s, Brilliant Compensation Online Access, and several of his brochures. I highly recommend his materials, and signing up for his blog… and this is why:

Attention to What Works

Tim analyzes everything that works and everything that doesn’t work in the things he says in his invitations and presentations and in how he responds to people’s questions. For example, he discovered that if he says certain things, he can almost guarantee that he will get an objection. He then tries out multiple alternatives, refining and refining what he says, until the objections no longer showed up!

Breaking it Down

Tim breaks down everything he teaches to the simplest terms. He makes sure you understand what he means when he uses a word that might be unfamiliar or have several meanings. Take the word “communication.” He gives you not only a dictionary definition, but how that definition fits in with what you are trying to convey when talking or writing to a potential customer or business partner. This might not sound like he’s dumbing it down, but believe me, he is doing us a service by building everything on a solid foundation of understanding. This is not rocket science. He wants everyone to be successful.

As a Start

If you haven’t had much success inviting, I recommend you start with Professional Inviter, but check out the entire sale, below.

Find all sale items here: http://www.stevereiter.com/timsalesmoving

Sale items include:
Professional Inviter with Workbook, now $97
Spanish Professional Inviter  $67
Brilliant Communicator  $57
Brilliant Questions CD Set  $24
“Why do I Age? Get Sick? Get Diseases?” & “What Do Vitamins Do For Me” Brochures  $14.97

Every order over $99 receives 4 Bonus Training CD’s valued at $44.


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If you don't have a plan for getting into profit quickly, check this out. Good stuff.


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