How Do You Achieve Online Success?

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This post takes a quick look at the styles people adopt as they strive for success, online or off. There’s something worth checking out at the end.

How Do You Achieve Online Success?

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Method 1

Do what you have always done.

Method 2

Do something new, using your current skills.

Method 3

Do something new, based on new skills you develop drawing on your past experience and methods.

Method 4

Do something new, learning from other people at your own level of expertise.

Method 5

Do something new, learning from people who have a higher level of success and expertise.

Method 6

Do something new, after learning from a master.

Learn From a Master

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4 thoughts on “How Do You Achieve Online Success?

  1. Hi Steve,

    thank you for your blog. Very interesting and thought provoking. I actually have a quick straight question too:

    How do you go about getting your inspiration and content ideas each time you, say, turn your head?

    Best regards,



  2. Hi Andre – Thanks for your appreciation. (Sorry for the delayed reply. I aim to have actual time away from the computer. I still believe that the computer can liberate us from working so much. That is, after all, a frequently voiced goal of network marketers.)

    In reply to your question, there are many ways to find content. The basic idea is that you keep your Teacher’s Hat on. Always have your attention on what you’re learning and how this same material can be useful to someone else. In trainings you go to: take notes, take videos, take pictures, get interviews with leaders. From books you read, capture interesting dities that would be helpful to your target market. Read other people’s blogs.

    Many more ideas are presented in Pro Blog Academy. I highly recommend it.


  3. Hi Steve,

    Great job with your post.
    I like how you build up to deliver your point… very clever.
    Ray has some great material and I would probably recommend him too.

    By the way, your blog has a nice clean and bold look. I like it.

    Benne Clark


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