Grow Yourself. Grow Your MLM Business.

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Every day, do things that grow your MLM business. Learn something. Take action. Reflect on your progress. Take stock of the current business environment.

But this will only take you so far.

Grow Yourself. Grow Your MLM Business.

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As I sit here today, I am struggling to get past the gremlins in my head that keep me from knowing I’m going to be a success. These are the fellow travelers who never stray far from my side. They want to be close to protect me from the possibility of failure. Debilitating and humiliating failure.

It’s not about how smart I am.

It’s about my ability to really excel at something. I’ve had it too easy. I’ve been able to get by pretty well in life merely by showing up.

But “getting by” and being truly accomplished are two different things.

When I got into success coaching, I realized I would have to walk my talk if I was going to be able to help my clients. These folks would be able to see through my coaching, if I didn’t, and they would know that my coaching had no grounding, no foundation. Their success depended on my success.

It wasn’t necessary that I achieve everything I set out to achieve. I just had to be doing my own personal homework. It wasn’t enough that I make a plan. I had to be working it. I had to be spending time hanging out in the uncomfortable place where I felt like failure was just around the corner. In that place of hard work.

MLM Detractors Not Needed

A lot of times, being on a path to success feels like being on a path to failure. The words in my head say, “No problem…  just keep doing what you’re doing, and have fun!” And the feelings — speaking in the voice of the Caterpillar in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland — reply, “Just whommmm do you think you’re foooooling?”

I don’t need any MLM detractors to caution me that I’m going nowhere. I’ve got all the detractors I can manage right here in my head!

What to Do if You Don’t Have a Brain Wired Like Tony Robbins Would Like to Wire It

  1. Build a Routine. Find out what works for you.
  2. Be a Scientist. Do your real life experiment. Ask yourself: What’s working? What’s not working? What stops you in your tracks? What emboldens your actions? Set aside an hour a week to reflect on these questions: How did my week go overall? What were my successes? Where did I struggle? Where did I fail? What do I want to do differently this coming week? Building an MLM business isn’t rocket science, but it pays to think critically.
  3. Don’t Do It Alone… unless that’s where you’re strongest. For most of us, it helps to be in the company of fellow-travelers. It’s not just for the commiseration (Oy! Let me tell you what happened to me today!), though having someone listen to your struggles can be helpful. In contrast, it’s mostly because you can be helpful to others in their struggles. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Well, it takes a village to raise an adult. We learn from each other. We find power in the caring sustenance of many souls who, while they might not be traveling on the exact same road, are traveling in the same general direction. I trust you have experienced the supportive nature of the MLM tribe you happen to be a member of at the moment. If you haven’t, seek them out. Don’t assume that no one wants to be in a mutually supportive relationship. Take full advantage of groups that spring up within training opportunities. I have received amazing support from my fellow students in the Pro Blog Academy group.
  4. Find a mentor who suits you. It usually helps to follow someone’s method when you’re new to MLM. Hopefully, it will work for you. But what if it doesn’t? What if you are encouraged to do things that run counter to your sensibilities? What then? Do you find another mentor or push through the inevitable resistance? These are important questions, and I can’t say there is an easy answer that will fit your circumstance. Sometimes, you need to push through what’s difficult for you. And sometimes, you can push for years and only have a huge bruise to show for it. If you’ve pushed for long enough, perhaps a different approach is in order.
  5. Go inside.” …inside your head and heart. Find out what makes you tick. What’s running around all the time in that fool head of yours? What are your gremlins?
  6. Meditate. Get used to the nonsense that speaks as truth. When you have

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    enough experience with it, you’ll find that it’s easier to not act on the urges and thoughts that are running amok within you. You can just let them be and go about your business of building your life and building your MLM business.

  7. Don’t run right off now! Take ten minutes and reflect on what I’ve written. What insights did you have? What did you take away from this article? What are you going to keep doing? What are you going to do differently?

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13 thoughts on “Grow Yourself. Grow Your MLM Business.

  1. I really liked your point in #4 – finding a mentor who suits you – I can’t stress how important this is. Having the wrong mentor – who is incongruent with your style and values can really make it difficult to make progress. Taking the time to do some research and follow a leader for a while before working with him or her can really help to connect people with a mentor that works for them.


  2. Thanks, Sigrid, Michelle. We sometimes are given to believe that if only we suck up and do it that we’ll achieve success. But there is so much more to how we tick. I wonder, sometimes, whether folks realize that they’ve given up one “box” (the box of employment) for another (the box of the always-on, always brilliant, home business owner).


  3. I love this article! I particularly like the point about Meditating because I think so many people discount how important this is; clearing the mind, being able to focus, and simply gaining peace. Thx for sharing :-)


  4. Really enjoy your style of writing! Sometimes we can just get in our own way. I also agree with number 4. the right mentor is so important..

    Great post. look forward to more.



  5. Hi Steve,

    We all need to grow to successful in any endeavor, that journey is what makes us truly valuable to our followers. You’re right that we don’t need anyone else fueling those feeling of inadequacy, surround yourself with positive people that support you.

    Thanks for the post,


  6. Hey Steve,

    Really powerful stuff here, you are so right. We all have struggled in one or two endeavors that we have put our minds to, but to become successful, you not need give up.

    So many people are on the verge of breaking out and becoming successful, but end up quitting to soon.


  7. This is an amazing post Steve. All your points are so valid, I particularly like #3 – Don’t do it alone.
    With all the technology we have at our fingertips we don’t need to be alone. There are so may ways to connect and build relationships with who you want.
    Being in a community as you have mentioned keep us motivated to take action day in day out. If we have a question we have a team of people we can reach out to.

    Thanks for sharing



  8. Great article, Steve!

    You always tell it like it is and that’s a great trait!

    I love what you said in #5 about Going Inside and finding out what makes us tick and what are our Gremlins. I’ve never thought of it as Gremlins but now that I think about it, Steve. Thanks exactly what it is and when we feed those Gremlins they multiply!

    Thanks for sharing!

    To Your Infinite Success,

    Marquel Russell


  9. Hey Steve,

    Great pointers.
    BTW I love Tony Robbins’s stuff.
    Even though there is no shortcuts to success in MLM or anywhere else, in my opinion one can save time, energy and money by modeling somebody who’s already got the level of success we strive for……
    Success leaves clues.

    thanks for the share!


  10. Thanks, Akos. Yup. Success leaves clues… I like that line. And, since there are many, many successful people, it pays to find the ones who resonate with your sensibilities, ways of being in the world. I know that when I haven’t, my success ends up looking for like a struggle to emulate, rather than finding my power.


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