About the Images

About the images you see…

Why are they here?

These are all photos I have taken. I am a photographer. I have been a photographer for most of my life, inspired and educated by my father, who continues to challenge me to offer my best. Capturing images on film, and now digital media, seems to be built into my genes. It’s hard for me to leave my camera at home, except when I’m cycling, my other passion (and sometimes not even then).

While I recognize that these images would not be expected in a blog about business development and personal success, they say something about me that is important. They are a reflection of me, of my experiences, and of my sensibilities. Sharing them with you brings me joy. Hopefully, they won’t be too distracting. (What do you think?)

As you travel your path in your business — and throughout your life — I encourage you to have fun and to share the richness that is you. People join real people. Don’t be a secret.

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