MLM Recruiting Tactics – Notes from Ray Higdon’s Video

I love Ray Higdon for his no-nonsense approach to marketing and for the gifts he regularly gives us. I’m not talking about traditional gifts, with bows or dollar signs on them. I’m talking about his generous sharing of what works for him with anyone who will listen.

These are notes I took while watching the “Offline and Online MLM Recruiting Tactics” training video of Ray and his wife, Jessica, recorded at their primary company’s event. I thought you’d like to read it, but you can watch Continue reading

Tim Sales Network Marketing Training Tools on Sale

Tim Sales Moving Sale of Network Marketing Training Tools

Perhaps you would be interested in knowing that Tim Sales is offering deep discounts, up to 50% off, on several of his products. I really respect Tim for the way he has worked to help folks like me become successful in Network Marketing. And, I have used and purchased a number of his Network Marketing training tools, including Brilliant Communicator, Professional Inviter, Brilliant Compensation DVD’s, Brilliant Compensation Online Access, and several of his brochures. I highly recommend his materials, and signing up for his blog… and this is why: Continue reading

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